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Many cities and states require building owners to benchmark and disclose energy consumption. Beyond benchmarking mandates, energy costs account for the majority of a building’s operational budget. Building owners face pressure to cut both energy consumption and costs from entities such as: tenants (e.g., heating and cooling buildings without raising costs) and government agencies (e.g., energy disclosure mandates and other compliance requirements). B3 Benchmarking is a simple solution that seamlessly integrates with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® (ESPM) to meet public benchmarking requirements and provides powerful analytics to help you target energy efficiency improvements to the buildings and systems where they will have the most impact. B3 Benchmarking quantifies energy cost, energy use intensity (EUI), and carbon savings for buildings whether they are eligible for ENERGY STAR scores or not. Beyond energy, B3 Benchmarking also provides tracking and benchmarks for water.


B3 Benchmarking is a secure cloud-based online subscription service that collects, stores, manages, and analyzes utility data for buildings. B3 Benchmarking includes all ENERGY STAR®-eligible building types and goes beyond with the addition of mixed-use and other building types. Benchmarking integrates with and expands upon ESPM, pairing monthly utility data and basic building information with real-time energy simulations, allowing users to:

  • Get ENERGY STAR scores, when eligible
  • Compare building energy performance against current local energy codes
  • Identify buildings with the greatest savings potential for improvement and investment
  • Prioritize and align energy improvement projects with capital planning initiatives
  • Track water savings and energy savings in a single dashboard
B3 Software
Energy Star Portfolio Manager
Four Key Metrics

Four Key Metrics

The B3 Benchmarking Platform Allows Users to Continuously Monitor Four Key Metrics:

B3 Benchmark

This site is using slightly more energy than the B3 Benchmark.

The B3 Benchmark uses a high-level engineering model of a building created from the data entered to quantify savings potential by comparing actual use to expected use:

  • Compares this modeled energy consumption–the Benchmark–to the actual energy consumption in the form of an index ratio.
  • Identifies specific savings potential by fuel stream and system type for each building allowing you to prioritize improvements

B3 Peer Rating


This site is ranked in the lower 50th percentile amongst 1,663 similar sites.

A 1-100 rating is generated by anonymously comparing a building to the B3 database of 32,000+ actual buildings:

  • Allows users to see how their building anonymously compares to peer buildings within B3 Benchmarking
  • Allows users to filter peers by geographical location/proximity

Energy star Score


This site has received an
ENERGY STAR score of 73.

A 1-100 score is produced by ESPM that analyzes an individual building compared to a survey-based database of facilities:

  • Simplifies and streamlines compliance with benchmarking and disclosure requirements
  • Two-way communication enables B3 Benchmarking or ESPM to be the system of record

Baseline Comparison


This site is using less energy than
the baseline period.

A weather-normalized comparison of a building to itself over time provides monthly and annual analysis:

  • Measures and verifies actual savings from energy improvement projects
  • Identifies operational or maintenance issue that has occurred and requires action
  • Measures progress toward campus or corporate energy goals