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Energy Star Portfolio Manager

Whether you track your energy use in Energy Star Portfolio Manager® (ESPM) today or are just getting started and looking to better understand energy and/or water use in one building or a portfolio of buildings, B3 Benchmarking provides you with the insights you need:

  • Ability to comply with rating and disclosure ordinances
  • Comparisons to other real buildings similar to yours, adjusted for your location
  • ENERGY STAR® scores
  • Monthly and yearly comparisons to track performance changes
  • Quantification of savings potential with our automated, model-based B3 Benchmark

B3 Benchmarking lets you track and report by building and fuel stream:

  • Energy and water usage costs and savings
  • Carbon emissions and savings
  • Energy use intensity (EUI)

B3 Benchmarking provides a single repository for all your building energy and water information:

  • Metered usage
  • Building performance information
  • Current, future, and completed energy and water projects
  • Auditing and commissioning reports

Easy To Use

B3 Benchmarking offers turnkey benchmarking services from setup to data imports to fulfilling reporting requirements should you need additional assistance.

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Energy Star Portfolio Manager