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Energy Star Portfolio Manager

B3 Benchmarking understands your buildings are unique, and many may have multiple uses such as a city hall and library. With these complexities, it can be challenging to obtain an ENERGY STAR® score. How do you really know how you are performing? B3 Benchmarking was developed to address complex buildings. The platform allows you to create buildings with multiple uses, called “space asset areas.” B3 Benchmarking then generates your ENERGY STAR score if applicable, but also provides peer ratings for similar buildings. Today, there are 300+ cities with buildings in B3 Benchmarking for comparison. Beyond this, B3 Benchmarking’s automated, model-based benchmark helps you:

  • Quantify your energy savings potential (cost, energy use intensity, or carbon)
  • Determine which buildings have the greatest potential
  • Determine, within buildings, what months, utilities or major end-uses (heating, cooling, baseload) have the savings
  • Track your projects and progress to your energy goals
  • Comply with rating and disclosure requirements or create your own building stock goals

You can even share your information, if you choose, with your own custom-branded website

Easy To Use

B3 Benchmarking offers turnkey benchmarking services from setup to data imports to fulfilling reporting requirements should you need additional assistance.

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Energy Star Portfolio Manager