B3 Benchmarking




Building Energy Data in your Hands

B3, which stands for Buildings, Benchmarks, and Beyond, is powered by Willdan. B3 uses Willdan’s 50+ years of engineering experience to put the power of building energy data in your hands.

Using basic building and meter information, the online tool summarizes water and energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions in easily digestible monthly and annual reports for your portfolio of buildings.

Energy Star Portfolio Manager

B3 Benchmarking is a simple solution that seamlessly integrates with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® (ESPM) to meet public benchmarking requirements and provides powerful analytics to help you target energy efficiency improvements to the buildings and systems where they will have the most impact. B3 Benchmarking quantifies energy cost, energy use intensity (EUI), and carbon savings for buildings whether they are eligible for ENERGY STAR scores or not. Beyond energy, B3 Benchmarking also provides tracking and benchmarks for water.


Lower Your Costs

By reducing energy consumption, you lower your operating costs – freeing up money for your organization’s core services.

B3 Benchmarking helps you ensure your building is operating and performing as expected, and the tool screens buildings that would provide the greatest return on investment from any building improvements.

Over Two Decades of Benchmarking Expertise

In 2001, legislation in the State of Minnesota was passed to benchmark all public buildings in the state for a period of 12 months, and as a result, B3 Benchmarking was born.  For more than 20 years, Willdan has developed the benchmarking application to be one of the most robust tools for tracking and managing energy use in public buildings. Currently, the B3 Benchmarking program contains over 7,500 public buildings with over 300 million square feet in its database representing 22 State agencies, 410 cities, 55 counties, 60 higher education campuses, and 214 school districts. The B3 Benchmarking system has identified over $23 million in potential energy savings in over 1,500 identified buildings representing about 30 million square feet of building floor area.  View more information in this Current Statistics Report .

The Power of Perspective

Have you ever been asked, “How do your buildings compare?” B3 uses complex analyses that allow you to compare a building from four major perspectives.  This multiple-angle approach helps you identify weak buildings and gives you the confidence that an identified poor performer is truly in need of improvement and will yield significant returns on investment.

B3 Benchmark

An engineering modeling comparison using DOE-2 simulations and B3 energy standards predicts expected energy use

B3 Peer Rating


An evaluation of a building to others with similar space usage, geographic location, and energy code provides true peer comparison.

Energy star Score


A simple 0-100 score produced by ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager analyzes a building against similar buildings across the US.

Baseline Comparison


A weather-normalized comparison of a building to itself over time provides monthly and annual analysis.