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Energy Star Portfolio Manager

B3 Benchmarking allows you to analyze your customer’s data and see which buildings have savings opportunities, so you can promote the right energy efficiency programs to the right customers. With B3 Benchmarking you can use annual energy usage data to:

  • Get an ENERGY STAR® score for your customers
  • Quantify energy cost savings opportunities for your customers
  • Quantify energy consumption savings for your programs

With monthly data you can:

  • Identify months with energy savings opportunities
  • Target specific major end-uses: heating, cooling, or baseload
  • Target projects for electrification efforts

B3 Benchmarking offers user-friendly marketing reports for customer distribution and makes it easy to create promotional collateral

Easy To Use

B3 Benchmarking offers turnkey benchmarking services from setup to data imports to fulfilling reporting requirements should you need additional assistance.

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Energy Star Portfolio Manager