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With the tool, we can make small or large adjustments in the facilities and see how that affects our consumption. For instance, we ask questions like, “What if we decide to turn off certain banks of lights in off-peak hours?” and we can find the answer. By tracking consumption, the tool tells us how worthwhile such efforts are for us.

– Jay Strachota, Streets & Parks Superintendent, City of Hopkins, MN

Energy Star Portfolio ManagerB3 Benchmarking is a simple solution that seamlessly integrates with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® (ESPM) to meet public benchmarking requirements and provides powerful analytics to help you target energy efficiency improvements to the buildings and systems where they will have the most impact. B3 Benchmarking quantifies energy cost, energy use intensity (EUI), and carbon savings for buildings whether they are eligible for ENERGY STAR scores or not. Beyond energy, B3 Benchmarking also provides tracking and benchmarks for water.

Whether you track your energy use in Energy Star Portfolio Manager® (ESPM) today or are just getting started and looking to better understand energy and/or water use in one building or a portfolio of buildings, B3 Benchmarking provides you with the insights you need.

Educational facilities can vary widely from building to building or school to school. B3 Benchmarking allows you to define the key attributes of your facilities to create a benchmark specific to their attributes, whether that be district offices, a pool, or a summer school. For colleges and universities, B3 Benchmarking distinguishes between different types of academic uses so you can get a customized, appropriate benchmark, whether your building is entirely comprised of research laboratories or a mix of classroom, labs, and offices.

B3 Benchmarking understands your buildings are unique, and many may have multiple uses such as a city hall and library. With these complexities, it can be challenging to obtain an ENERGY STAR® score. How do you really know how you are performing? B3 Benchmarking was developed to address complex buildings. The platform allows you to create buildings with multiple uses, called “space asset areas.” B3 Benchmarking then generates your ENERGY STAR score if applicable, but also provides peer ratings for similar buildings.

B3 Benchmarking allows you to analyze your customer’s data and see which buildings have savings opportunities, so you can promote the right energy efficiency programs to the right customers.



Easy To Use

B3 Benchmarking offers turnkey benchmarking services from setup to data imports to fulfilling reporting requirements should you need additional assistance.

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