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Why B3?

Convenient & Easy-to-Use:

B3 Benchmarking is a cloud based online tool that collects, stores, manages, and analyzes usage data (energy and water) for sites and buildings.

Optimal Carbon Savings:

B3 has identified 267,000 Metric Tons of Carbon Savings in Cities and Counties.

Unmatched Energy Savings for Municipalities:

B3 has identified $44.4 Million Energy Cost Savings Identified in Cities and Counties and is used by 899 municipalities.

The Power of Perspective


Crystal Clear Reporting

B3 allows you to compare buildings from four major benchmarking perspectives: B3 Benchmark, B3 Peer Rating, ENERGY STAR® score, and Baseline comparison.

Seamless Integrations and Expansion

Seamless Integrations and Expansion

B3 integrates with and expands upon ESPM, pairing usage data and basic building information with real-time energy simulations.

Comprehensive Analysis

Comprehensive Analysis

B3 provides an analysis of carbon, energy costs, and energy use intensity (EUI) by month, fuel stream, and major end-use.

Clearly Identify Energy Savings

Clearly Identify Energy Savings

The Improvements view within B3 clearly ranks the site’s potential savings helping to direct where to focus performance improvements.

B3 Optimizes Property Performance

Using basic building and meter information, our cloud-based tool summarizes energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions in easily digestible monthly and annual reports.

Meter reading


City of Lake Crystal

With AmeriCorps member Joan Van Grinsven at the helm, the city has reengaged with B3 Benchmarking in the past year and is making improvements based on the results. B3 Benchmarking allowed the City of Lake Crystal to identify low hanging fruits for energy saving, despite budget constraints.

"With the tool, we can make small or large adjustments in the facilities and see how that affects our consumption. For instance, we ask questions like, “What if we decide to turn off certain banks of lights in off-peak hours?” and we can find the answer. By tracking consumption, the tool tells us how worthwhile such efforts are for us.”

– Jay Strachota, Streets & Parks Superintendent, City of Hopkins, MN

"Because of our B3 results, we are in the process of getting a recommissioning study since our City Hall facility is above its benchmark."

– Eric Gager, Building Maintenance Supervisor, City of Woodbury

"We use B3 Benchmarking to pinpoint problem buildings and fix issues before they turn into large problems."

– Teri Thompson, City of Lake Crystal

"After looking at ENERGY STAR® and other benchmarking tools, we chose B3 benchmarking because the system specialized in analyzing public buildings. As a result of using the tool, we learned that our City Hall was using much more energy than other city halls in Iowa, which has spurred us to do and justify the costs for a recommissioning study of the building."

– Steven Van Steenhuyse, Director of Development Services for Mason City

Easy To Use

B3 Benchmarking offers turnkey benchmarking services from setup to data imports to fulfilling reporting requirements should you need additional assistance.

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