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B3 uses 50+ years of engineering experience to put the power of building energy data in your hands. 

B3: Buildings, Benchmarks & Beyond

Benchmark, Report, and
Improve Your Buildings

B3 Benchmarking allows you to track and manage your building’s energy and water consumption and carbon footprint. B3 Benchmarking identifies potential efficiency improvements and tracks your progress towards a target.

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"With the tool, we can make small or large adjustments in the facilities and see how that affects our consumption. For instance, we ask questions like, “What if we decide to turn off certain banks of lights in off-peak hours?” and we can find the answer. By tracking consumption, the tool tells us how worthwhile such efforts are for us.”

– Jay Strachota, Streets & Parks Superintendent, City of Hopkins, MN

"We use B3 Benchmarking to see how we are doing compared to other schools. Because there are so many schools using it, I believe it’s the best tool for a MN school to gauge progress, set goals, etc."

– Lisa Johnson, ISD 197 West St. Paul – Mendota Heights – Eagan

"I find that the quarterly improvement report is useful as it gives a snapshot of which buildings may have some energy conservation opportunities."

Eric Gager, Building Maintenance Supervisor, City of Woodbury

"We use B3 Benchmarking to pinpoint problem buildings and fix issues before they turn into large problems."

– Teri Thompson, City of Lake Crystal

The Power of Perspective

Have you ever been asked, “How do your buildings compare?” B3 uses complex analyses that allow you to compare a building from four major perspectives.  This multiple-angle approach helps you identify weak buildings and gives you the confidence that an identified poor performer is truly in need of improvement and will yield significant returns on investment.

B3 Benchmark

An engineering modeling comparison using DOE-2 simulations and B3 energy standards predicts expected energy use

B3 Peer Rating


An evaluation of a building to others with similar space usage, geographic location, and energy code provides true peer comparison.

Energy star Score


A simple 0-100 score produced by ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager analyzes a building against similar buildings across the US.

Baseline Comparison


A weather-normalized comparison of a building to itself over time provides monthly and annual analysis.