B3 Benchmarking Newsletter

May 2021

B3 Benchmarking Newsletter

In this newsletter:
  • Redesigned Site and Building Interfaces
  • ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® Integration
  • Export to Excel
  • Delete Buildings
  • Dashboard Updates
  • New Features Webinars

Redesigned Site and Building Interfaces

  • Enhanced Building Editor
    • For single building sites, site and building editors have been combined for ease of use
    • Restructured building details to provide guidance at varying levels of granularity
    • Added the ability to label space asset types for further definition on the Details-Space view
    • Fine tune operation schedules by defining which hours/day, days/week and months/year on the Details-Operations view
  • Wizard to add a new site/building has been improved with guidance tools to assist in gathering data
    • Ability to enter a building name or address to geolocate the building and confirm location on map
    • Integrated intelligence to recommend appropriate building type and SF with ability to fine tune
    • Added area calculator to estimate unknown square footage
    • Added ability to enter schedules, conditioning, and new meter configurations

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (ESPM) Integration

  • Property Use Details
    • These have been moved from the site level to allow versioning within each building
    • They can be found under the Details – ENERGY STAR view within building editor
  • Connection Wizard
    • If a property is in ESPM, the wizard can be used to create a site, building and meter(s) in B3
    • Revamped add new site/building wizard to include a link to facilitate this process
    • Reminder, ESPM portfolios need to be connected and ESPM property shared with B3, prior to creation

Export to Excel

  • When exporting at the organization level or higher, a set of org export templates have been created, they include:
    • Energy Baseline
    • Water Baseline (coming end of June)
    • Monthly Usage
    • Annual Usage
  • Exports have been enhanced to allow more granular selection of data, including:
    • Checkboxes for individual source types
    • Normalization methods: per SF, per person or none
    • Weather normalizations methods: actual, baseline or none
    • Exporting specific sources in their native units (coming end of June)
  • Custom Exports
    • Moved to a separate tab

Delete Buildings

  • Users can now delete erroneous buildings, similar to how meters are deleted (site functionality coming soon)
  • Sites and buildings that have been sold, demolished, or drastically modified should continue to use the building versioning functionality to retain all historical data

Dashboard Updates

  • Usage Periods
    • With the merging of energy and water in the last version, B3 utilized one usage period where all active meters, both energy and water, were complete. Now, B3 has expanded to utilize 3 usage periods: energy, water and total
    • Different widgets may report on different periods depending on the data presented
  • New Photo Widget
    • Photos uploaded within the building editor can be displayed on the dashboard
    • Ability to upload non-building photos will be available towards the end of June
    • At the organization level, dashboard photo widget will slideshow through building level photos

New Features Webinars

Join the B3 Team at one of the following webinars to hear more about these new features and open discussion.

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